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Axle Upgrades

  • new u-bolt plates nos u-bolt saddle

    NOS GM 14 bolt U-bolt plate set

    NEW OLD STOCK!! New OEM u-bolt plates This is the plate that goes under the rear axle (GM 14 bolt) and accepts the U-bolts. (shown sandblasted w/ paint).  May fit other axles, but designed for a 3-3/8" tube and 2-1/2" wide springs.   These...

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  • 14B Fill Plug

    Fill Plug for the GM 14 bolt axle.  If you have a stripped and rounded out fill plug, here is the solution!  Free Shipping!

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  • Upgraded 14 bolt wheel seals Sold as a pair!

    14 Bolt wheel seal upgrade

    If you have a 14 bolt, you need these seals!  The original factory seals for the 14 bolt rely on the spindle to be perfect to properly seal.  Given the age of the axles, this is rarely the case and gear oil leaks on your new brakes and...

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    GM Dana 60 Front Dually Hubs, Rotor Mount Surface GM Dana 60 Front Dually Hubs, Wheel Mount Surface

    GM DANA 60 Front Dually Hub

    GM/CHEVY DANA 60 Front Dual Wheel Hub (DRW).    Sold (INDIVIDUALLY) (Price shown gets you one hub.  Order 2 to build a GM Dana 60 front axle).  Note the options for the wheel studs.  Used bolts that hold the rotor to the hub...

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    Now: $215.00
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  • Disc or drum brake backing plate flange  for axles

    14 Bolt Brake Flange

    This bracket welds onto a 3 1/4" and a 3 1/2" tube. The nubs are designed to easily grind off to fit the 3 1/2" axle tube. The bolt pattern is the stock full float 14 Bolt brake pattern and is made to bolt to 14 bolt disc brake brackets. These are 1/2"...

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  • SALE
    Dana 60 SRW hub, assembled with rotor, studs, Timken bearings and new seal.

    GM Dana 60 SRW Hub

    GM Front Dana 60 Single Rear Wheel (SRW) hub.  These are what you need to convert your dually (DRW) axle to single wheel.  Please note the options.  Hubs are sold bare, add options to get exactly what you need!   Fits GM Kingpin and...

    Was: $249.00
    Now: $239.00
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  • Dana 60 tube seal

    GM D60 Tube Seal

    In stock form most Dana 60s don't have a seal at the outer end of the axle tube.  The oil seals for the differential are in the centersection.  Mud. sand, and all sorts of trash gets in the tube and can wreck the inner axle seal.  To...

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  • 14 Bolt SRW hub SRW hub axle shaft side

    GM 14 Bolt SRW Hub

    Here we have a good used GM 14 Bolt Full floater hub.  This is from a 10.5" ring gear axle.  Single Rear Wheel (SRW).  This is a GM rear axle application.   Good used condition.  Hub comes without bearings or races.  If...

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