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CUCV Electrical

CUCV specific electrical items.   Starters / Alternators / Wiring and related items

  • Example of a refurbished cluster rear with LED lights installed

    Refurbished CUCV Instrument Cluster

    Here we have a refurbished CUCV instrument cluster.   Broken plastic, damaged lenses etc can be frustrating when working on your CUCV.    Here is a refurbished cluster to save the day.   All lighting (except the Gen 1 and 2...

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  • Gen1 or Gen 2 Relay

    Gen1 or Gen 2 Relay

    The Gen 1 and Gen 2 (CUCV alternators) are controlled (in part) by a relay under the dash.   There are two of these relays under the dash directly below the heater control panel, mounted on an aluminum bracket.   This listing is for one...

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  • P/N 14072339 Service Light Switch, CUCV

    CUCV Service Light Switch

    This is the right side toggle switch on the CUCV dash.  It locks in place to place the lights in service mode, off or blackout mode.  Good used Switch.    P/N 14072339 SWITCH,TOGGLE Ships USPS.  

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  • Diode Diode for harness (in dash)


    CUCV Gen 2 Diode.  Plugs into wiring harness under dash.  (Typically covered in tape and taped to harness)  This is a used part.

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  • Switches for CUCV Set, includes left and right switches

    Blackout light switch set

    Good used blackout and service light switches.  Includes both switches and retainer nut.     P/N 14072358   &   P/N 14072339     Free shipping via USPS

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  • CUCV Diagnostic Port with Wiring Harness CUCV Diagnostic Port with Wiring Harness

    CUCV Diagnostic Port with Wiring Harness

    Used CUCV Diagnostic Port with Wiring Harness. Located below the heater controls under the dash in all CUCV vehicles. M1009, M1008, etc. Genuine military. Used, but still in great condition.   Note:  These are also popular for converting to a...

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  • 7 pin civilian connection

    CUCV Wiring Harness for Civilian Trailer

    CUCV wiring harness for civilian trailer. Keep the function of a military truck outlet on your CUCV AND a civilian 7-pin outlet at the same time! Note: You will need to supply a brake controller with wire if you wish to hook up the electric brake...

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  • Coolant Level Sensor

    Coolant Level Sensor for the CUCV.   This is a good used takeoff part.   Threads into the Passenger side of the radiator (white plastic)

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  • CUCV Wiper Motor and pump Assembly

    CUCV Wiper Motor and Pump

    If your CUCV wiper motor is slow, missing or broken, this is the fix.  Remanufactured Wiper motor and pump assembly.  We don't charge a core charge on these.   Fits all CUCVs.  Replaces P/N 22048352  

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  • 3 pin weather tight connector set.

    Trailer wiring connectors

    A popular modification for the CUCV is to add a civilian trailer electrical connector in place of the military style connection.  This allows the CUCV to be used with civilian style trailers.  If you don't want to cut into your factory...

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