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CUCV and K30 Parts

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  • 2.5" Axle Perch set

    2.5" Axle Perch set

    Axle diameter: 3 3/8 or 3 1/2" Width: 2.5" These are .25" (1/4) HR P&O Steel Plate, CNC Laser  Length is 7.75" to help control axle wrap and 2.5" wide to provide a stable platform. They have 3 spring pin mounting options so you can...

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  • Inline coolant heater includes hose clamps

    Inline coolant heater

    Universal Inline coolant heater with silicone hose. We Install these on CUCV trucks, splice into your lower radiator hose and you're ready for winter!

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  • NP208 32 spline input Good used takeout

    NP208 Transfer case 32 spline

    NP 208 transfer case, 32 spline input.  Pulled from a Military CUCV pickup with a TH400 transmission.  This is the exact unit being sold.   Had 11,000 original Miles on the truck.   This is a good working case. ...

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  • new u-bolt plates nos u-bolt saddle

    NOS GM 14 bolt U-bolt plate set

    NEW OLD STOCK!! New OEM u-bolt plates This is the plate that goes under the rear axle (GM 14 bolt) and accepts the U-bolts. (shown sandblasted w/ paint).  May fit other axles, but designed for a 3-3/8" tube and 2-1/2" wide springs.   These...

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  • crankshaft pulley New old stock

    NOS CUCV crankshaft pulley 6.2l GM Diesel

    NOS!!!! GM Part # 14067703 PULLEY,CONE Crankshaft pulley, NOS also known as Damper pulley - This is the pulley that mounts on the harmonic balancer.  P/N  14067703   For use on M1009 /M1008 and similar.  This is a NEW OLD...

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  • U-bolt set rear (square bend)

    Square U-bolt set for squarebody Chevy.   Fits 2-1/2" wide spring.    10" long   Set includes qty (4) new U-bolts, (4) washers and (4) tall nuts.   These are designed for a 3-3/8 to a 3-1/2" axle tube. These new...

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  • Power Steering Pressure hose kit

    This listing is for K30 or any CUCV (M1008 or M1009) Power Steering pressure hoses.   These pressure hoses are for use with the Hydroboost brake booster and power steering box.  Hose #1 goes from the pump to the hydrobooster, hose #2 goes...

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  • Blackout light bracket, front

    This bracket bolts behind the front bumper and supports the front blackout marker lamp.    Bracket only, sold individually.  This is for the front bumper only, the rear is different. P/N 14072421

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  • SALE
    K30 Frame Brace K30 Frame Brace

    K30 Frame Brace

    Check out these frame braces for your K30 or CUCV.   All CUCV trucks were equipped with these supports for frame support.    They bolt into any K30 frame on each side approximately where the engine and transmission meet (see photos)...

    Was: $135.00
    Now: $125.00
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  • Hydroboost assembly, used

    M1009 Hydroboost Brake Booster

    This listing is for a CUCV blazer (M1009) Hydroboost brake booster.  There are three lines that ARE OPTIONAL with this booster.  Please choose from the options.  This assembly will also come with a master cylinder/ fluid reservoir. ...

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  • 14B Fill Plug

    Fill Plug for the GM 14 bolt axle.  If you have a stripped and rounded out fill plug, here is the solution!  Free Shipping!

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