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Spring Plates and U Bolts

  • 2.5" Axle Perch set

    2.5" Axle Perch set

    Axle diameter: 3 3/8 or 3 1/2" Width: 2.5" These are .25" (1/4) HR P&O Steel Plate, CNC Laser  Length is 7.75" to help control axle wrap and 2.5" wide to provide a stable platform. They have 3 spring pin mounting options so you can...

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  • U-bolt set rear (square bend)

    Square U-bolt set for squarebody Chevy.   Fits 2-1/2" wide spring.    10" long   Set includes qty (4) new U-bolts, (4) washers and (4) tall nuts.   These are designed for a 3-3/8 to a 3-1/2" axle tube. These new...

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  • Shock bracket, perfect for relocating brackets.  Heavy Duty!  Sold in Pairs

    Shock Bracket Set

    Curved Shock Tab. It is very useful in getting the shock out of the way or low mounting with the bridge for a little protection. By joining 2 tabs together to make a bracket, the bridge between tabs also makes the combination more than twice as strong as...

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  • Deluxe 10 Degree HD shock mount, weld on. Sold in a Pair

    Shock Bracket 10 Degree

    Back in stock!   These are a great option for moving or upgrading your shock mounts.  Eliminate the low hanging GM shock brackets!  These brackets are all 1/4" thick where the stock brackets are only half as thick.  This set is...

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  • Sandblasted and painted GM 14 bolt FF axle plates

    GM 14 bolt U-bolt plate set

    This is the plate that goes under the rear axle (GM 14 bolt) and accepts the U-bolts.  We have them as take-off or as sandblasted with paint (shown sandblasted w/ paint).  May fit other axles, but designed for a 3-3/8" tube and 2-1/2" wide...

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    Chevy Dana 60 front spring plates

    GM Dana 60 Spring Plate

    If you are swapping in a front Chevy Dana 60, here are the plates you need!  These stock plates have the bolts for the sway bar mount.  Perfect condition.  These have been sandblasted, primered and painted. If you don't need the...

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    Now: $210.00
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  • GM 14 bolt swap kit, includes U-bolts, hardware, spring perches, shock mounts and spring plates.

    GM 14 bolt swap kit

    This is a swap kit that will get your GM 14 bolt under your rig and puts the spring plate and  nuts/hardware on top of the spring for better clearance.  There are four u-bolts with hardware, a set of spring perches, a...

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  • GM 14 bolt u-bolts.  Used to "flip" U-bolts and put hardware on top of springs.

    GM 14 bolt U-bolt and hardware kit

    These new U-bolts are what you need to install a GM 14 bolt rear using a spring plate on top of the spring.  These put the nuts/hardware above the springs for much better clearance.  There are four u-bolts and hardware in this kit...

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  • Stock U-bolt photo.  GM Dana 60 Kit includes 3 U-bolts and 2 bolts

    GM Dana 60 U-bolt and hardware kit

    These new U-bolts are what you need to install a GM Dana 60 front.  There are two u-bolts for the drivers side and one larger one for the passenger.  All the U-bolts are 5/8" dia x 10" long and include nuts and washers. ...

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  • GM U-bolt Plates, pair (2.5" springs)

    GM U-bolt Plates, pair (2.5" springs)

    U-Bolt Plate Medium. These are designed with the standard 2.5" GM leaf spring in mind but will work great with a spring anywhere from 2.5" to 2.75" in width. These will fit an Axle of 2.5" to 3.5" in diameter. All U bolt plates have 3 spring pin...

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  • GM Dana 60 U-bolt Plates, Front (pair)

    GM Dana 60 U-bolt Plates, Front (pair)

    These Ubolt Plates are for the GM D60 Front Diff side and come with a standard width off side Ubolt Plate. The Unique Plate is 1/2" thick without bends to deal with the clearance issues it can have. The opposite side plate is a standard Ubolt plate...

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