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Everything for the beloved Dana 60 front axle.  Save the searching and select from within this category for Ford, Dodge and GM Dana 60 parts.

  • Stock U-bolt photo.  GM Dana 60 Kit includes 3 U-bolts and 2 bolts

    GM Dana 60 U-bolt and hardware kit

    These new U-bolts are what you need to install a GM Dana 60 front.  There are two u-bolts for the drivers side and one larger one for the passenger.  All the U-bolts are 5/8" dia x 10" long and include nuts and washers. ...

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  • GM Dana 60 U-bolt Plates, Front (pair)

    GM Dana 60 U-bolt Plates, Front (pair)

    These Ubolt Plates are for the GM D60 Front Diff side and come with a standard width off side Ubolt Plate. The Unique Plate is 1/2" thick without bends to deal with the clearance issues it can have. The opposite side plate is a standard Ubolt plate...

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